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M. Dale Ormon


M. Dale Ormon is a Founding Board member and Chair of the Facilities Committee, with over four decades of experience as the owner and chef of Oliver’s and Planck’s Tavern. With a long history in camping, scouting, and general outdoorsmanship, Mr. Ormon has initiated, designed, and orchestrated numerous one-day builds that have greatly improved Camp Nan-Ke Rafe. As a board member of the United Way Cape & Islands, M. Dale also serves as the event coordinator for the Best Night of the Year. In 1987, he created the Cape Cod Bay Bass & Blue tournament, which is now in its 37th year. Additionally, Mr. Ormon has worked towards the creation of the Faith Family Kitchen in Hyannis and has been a dedicated supporter and contributor to the Cape Cod Baseball League. Collaborating with various non-profits across Cape Cod, M. Dale has been involved in a wide range of projects and fundraisers. An active participant in running and fundraising for Dream Day on Cape Cod events, Mr. Ormon’s early years as an Air Force dependent have instilled a passion for boating and fishing that continues to this day.