Art by Boston Artist Philip Manna

Local Artist and Friend of Dream Day on Cape Cod, Philip Manna, has graciously donated 3 amazing pieces of art that will be sold to support Dream Day on Cape Cod.  

Each item will be sold at $400 plus shipping and all proceeds will go to support Dream Day.

A word from the Artist:

My landscapes are an attempt to present scenes of a unified but ever changing earth. 

The push and pull of gravity, heat, and pressure have been rearranging our planet for billions of years. Nature’s energy ebbs and flows, generates and regenerates, manifests and dissipates. Soil, wind, water and life intermingle shaping our landscapes in an ongoing, ageless process.

I often use cairns and stone ruins in my landscapes to express a mindful human presence. Observers, which rest silent and still —a part of nature, yet apart from the scene—watching our ever-changing world go by. 

Title:  Church Ruins, Hvalsey Greenland - $400  16 x 20 


Title:  Duntulm Castle Ruins, Isle of Skye - $400   20x20


Title:  Taoist Landscape - $400   16x20

If you'd like to purchase one of the beautiful works of art please contact Christopher at to make arrangements.  

More art by Philip can be found at



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